Daniel Pehrson February 12, 2013 Community Help

Step 1: Navigate to the Classifieds section and begin

When you navigate to the classifieds section of the site you will see a link in the navigation titled "Post a Classified" which will take you to the new classified form.

Step 2: Fill out the item listing form

The classified item listing form is designed to be as simple as possible while also collecting the necessary information to help buyers easily find and learn about the item you are selling with 6 fields:

  1. The manufacturer and product you are selling: In order to help buyers easily find what they are looking for, we require that all sellers tell us what it is they are selling by providing the name and manufacturer of the item. This allows our system to group classifieds that are selling the same items and allow users more effective filtering in searches. As you begin typing the name of a manufacturer or product into the field our system will provide a list of known manufacturers and products already in the system which you can select from. In the case that you are selling an item that does not exist in our system suggestions that's ok, we will accept whatever information you provide and our systems will figure out how best to deal with the new data later.
  2. The listing title: This field lets you describe the item in a little more detail, such as condition, or any accessories and unique features, but keep it brief; you can write a full description later.
  3. Your asking price: Allows you to set the price that you would like to get for your item. Buyers are free to make lower or higher offers which you can choose to accept or not.
  4. Provide a full item description: This allows you to write a full description of the item you are selling, the terms of sale and other details necessary for buyers to evaluate your listing and complete the sale. Here you'll want to include how you'd like to be paid, how you will handle shipping or transfer, and any other important details.
  5. Identify the location of the item: In order to help buyers find items located in certain states or cities, we ask that all sellers provide the zip code of the item being listed. To clarify, this is the location of the item not necessarily you. While most of the time this will be the same location occasionally items are stored in other states.
  6. Item Image: If you have one, you can upload an image of the item - this is a good idea as it encourages buyer confidence and can increase the amount of offers.

Step3: Submit your listing

Thats it! Once you've completed the steps your classified is ready and the item is listed. Potential buyers can browse the item and make offers - its up to you whether to accept those offers or not, and to work out any final terms and conditions of the sale with the buyer.

Daniel Pehrson February 12, 2013 Community Help

Unlike an auction, classified listings allow any number of buyers to make offers and the seller is free to accept any offer they choose, even if it is not the highest. Once you have found a listing that you are interested in purchasing, the next step is to go through the simple process of making an offer:

Step 1: Navigate to the listing you are interested and and begin the process:

You can use the classifieds search page to locate the item you are interested in and open the listing page. Once there, you will see a "Make an Offer" button as long as the classified is still open and accepting new offers. Clicking that button will take you to the offer form.

Step 2: Fill out and submit the offer form

After clicking the offer button you will be presented with the offer for, which contains only the price that you would be willing to offer for the listing. This price can be lower, equal to, or even higher than the asking price. Ultimately the seller will review all available offers and choose the one they think is best.

Step 3: Wait to see if your offer is accepted

Once an offer is made, that offer is binding and the seller may accept it at any time. Once they do both the seller and the buyer are obligated to complete the transaction. If your offer is accepted both you and the seller will be notified, alternatively if someone else's offer is accepted you will be notified as well so you can keep looking.

Daniel Pehrson February 12, 2013 Community Help

Once you have made an offer on a classified it is possible for you to edit that offer anytime before the seller accepts it.

Step 1: Navigate to the classified page and find your offer:

You can use the classifieds search or click the link in your offer confirmation emails to load the classified that you have made an offer one. Once there you can click on the "Offers" tab and scroll to find the offer made by you, and click the "Edit Offer" button.

Step 2: Modify and submit your new offer

Similar to the form you filled out when submitting the offer originally you will update the price which you are offering for the item. Both you and the seller will receive an email confirming the new, updated offering at which point the seller can review the available offers.

Daniel Pehrson February 12, 2013 Community Help

As the owner of a business listed in our directory you have the ability to claim ownership of your businesses by using our automated verification process. Once verified your account will be marked as a manager for the business which allows you to update your business' information directly, without the need for our staff to approve the changes. To claim your business just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Navigate to your business' profile and begin the process:

You can use the business search page to locate your business and open it's profile page. Once there you will see a "Claim Business" button as long as no other user has completed a business claim process. Clicking that button will begin the process of claiming your business.

Step 2: Fill out and submit the business claim form

The business claim form shows you the contact information we have on file for your business. If the information on file is incomplete or incorrect we encourage you to submit updated information first. Once you have verified that the information is correct there are four possible ways to verify your ownership:

  1. Email the claim code to the contact email address on file for the business if there is one.
  2. Receive an automated phone call to the phone number on file with the claim code if there is one.
  3. Send the claim code via text message to the phone number on file for the business if there is one. This only works if the phone number on file is capable of receiving text messages.
  4. Submit your claim for manual review by our staff. This method should only be used when none of the automated methods are available and may take additional time to process.

In the case that you submit your claim for manual review it is very important to properly fill out the second part of the form which asks for your name, your relation to the business, and a field for any additional information/instructions on how out staff can verify your claim to the business.

Step 3: Verify your claim code

After you have submitted your business claim you will be directed to the business claim verification page and receive your 6-digit business claim code via phone call, text message or email. Once you have your claim code, simply enter it into the claim code box and click "Verify Claim Code." If entered correctly our system will immediately recognize you as a business owner.

If for any reason you did not receive your claim code you may instruct our system to send it again via any of the methods discussed in Step 2.

Step 4: Enjoy your newfound power

Once you have been verified our system provides you access to the business owner dashboard, a private area of the system that allows business owners to manage their business. From here you may quickly view all the businesses you own, show you reviews that customers are writing about your business in real time and allow you to update any of the contact or categorization information that we have on file for you immediately and without the need for review.